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To finance the resources needed for Pabhoi Greens to strengthen its seed enterprise and support seed sovereignty.


The crowdfunding will be active for a total of 45 days, starting the 23rd of July 2020.


The crowdfunding happens via the Swiss platform called "wemakeit".

What will happen with the money raised?

All money raised will go into the seed enterprise at Pabhoi Greens, such as greenhouses, cold storages and power backups.

Who's all behind this crowdfunding project?

First and foremost the founder of Pabhoi Greens, Neelam Dutta, supported by friends and food-system workers, scholars and enthusiasts, Neelam met during his training experiences in Switzerland.

Crowdfunding: Sustainable seeds and independency for farmers in India

Today, the majority of Indian farmers buy their seeds from foreign multinationals. Farmers need to buy a new batch of non-replicable seeds, fertilizers and pesticides every year; often lacking knowledge on how to safely and properly use the products.

Some farmers even need to take up loans to buy new seeds. In addition, the seed varieties offered on the market are not adapted to the local environment.


We aim to change this by supporting Pabhoi Greens: an Indian-managed, organically certified farm in northeast India. Pabhoi Green’s vision is to both produce organic seeds and offer free training on organic seed production - in order to give the local farmers a truly sustainable alternative and make them more independent. We have already trained over 4’000 farmers in sustainable agriculture today.


This campaign is now closed, We are working to keep you up to date with the future development of this project.

This campaign is now closed 

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