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After having experienced how organic seeds are produced at Sativa, an organic seed breeding company in Switzerland, we decided to create an alternative to conventional gene-edited seeds for North East India. Since then, we have trialled and tested multiple heirloom and open-pollinated seeds.

Currently, we offer around 60 varieties of seeds. Our best-sellers are tomatoes, sweet peppers, Asiatic gourd, chillies, beans and lettuce.

Seasonal flowers and saplings of vegetables are grown at the farm. We also practice cutting, grafting and layering of horticultural fruits and flowers. The farm specializes in organic sapling production, which ensures healthy saplings throughout the year. Fruits, like the Assam lemon and other citrus varieties along with Guavas and native fruits plants, are propagated at the farm. Bhut Jalokia—the hottest chilli on earth—is raised organically and disease-free.

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