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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our core vision revolves around safeguarding indigenous seeds. To fulfill this mission, we've initiated the first-ever organic seed production and seed bank in the North East (NE) region of India.

Our central objective is to propagate the finest adaptable seed varieties within our locale. Our ambition is to equip every farmer with locally adapted seeds, alongside imparting knowledge to communities about organic practices, integrated farming, and seed breeding techniques. At Pabhoi Greens, our journey is dedicated to preserving our agricultural heritage while nurturing sustainable growth.

We're dedicated to assisting farmers in achieving Seed Sovereignty by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing among diverse ethnic communities.

Team photo with organic farm produce

About Us

We are a team of about 40 like-minded people applying sustainable agricultural practices in Assam through inhouse techniques and external collaborations. Pabhoi Greens has led the way in Organic Heirloom Seed production in the entire NE India and is helping farmers to achieve Seed Sovereignty through knowledge sharing across different ethnic communities.

Neelam Dutta photo

Neelam Dutta

Managing Director and Founder

With nearly twenty years of hands-on experience in organic farming, my knowledge extends to encompass Biodynamic Farming and natural Vedic farming methods. This expertise has been continually enriched through a collaborative partnership with Sativa Rheinau, a well-regarded Swiss organic and biodynamic seed company, since 2015.


This path led me to incorporate organic seed production and breeding into Pabhoi Greens. The support of an Ambassadors Grant from the World Food System Centre (WFSC) at ETH Zurich enabled valuable learning experiences. I've explored European organic and Biodynamic seed companies, including Bingenheimer Saatgut in Germany, Reinsaat in Austria, and the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. Our association with Sativa has offered me exposure to international best practices and a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture.

Pabhoi Greens has also spearheaded single breeding of carps in North East India. Our journey extends to fostering social impact by training women's groups, youth, farmers, and students, contributing to a sustainable future over the years.

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