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Seed Bank

Our mission is to do continuous R&D of climate-resilient seeds of various horticulture crops across different agro-climatic regions to provide high quality, reliable and adaptable seeds to the smallholder farmers of North-Eastern Region.

We train them on regenerative farming techniques to save the sovereignty of these seeds to become self-reliant and create a local market of the indigenous seeds and their naturally grown produce while improving their income and maintain the local ecological balance.

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What we are known for

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High-quality, reliable seeds
Locally produced
For the farmer, by the farmer
Climate Resilient
Being Ethical

Using non-GMO (non-genetically-edited) seeds
Using and protecting Organic Heirloom seeds
Setting the benchmark in sustainable seed production

Pabhoi Greens is a first-of-its-kind organic seed initiative in India and the first seed company in North East India, where the farmers who are the custodians of the seeds are propagating the seeds themselves.

Our extensive research and practical experience on ground enables us to develop pure seeds, which are given to the farmers to allow them to replicate these year-on-year without needing to invest in new seeds each year.

Maintenance breeding is carried out meticulously in the farm where the purity, generic quality and pure lines are developed and maintained

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organic seed varieties

The main objective of Pabhoi Greens is to safeguard the old indigenous seed varieties and take them back to the farmers, which were lost due to the Green Revolution and the introduction of F1 hybrids in the Indian market. Farmers lost those local seeds and also the taste, colour and nutrition. Our nation stands on the backs of small and marginal farmers and it is their right to have their own seeds and replicate them over generations.

Our vision is to make organic climate-resilient seeds that are available to all farmers to make agriculture sustainable, profitable and accessible to all.

Organic Seed Store

Our Heirloom seeds are Organic, Climate Resilient, Non-GMO and Reproducible

Seed Catalogue

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