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SKU: TO 22

Long trusses of fruit with vigorous growth, this variety is slightly long shaped and small in size. This crop is suitable for winter season.

Required Temperature: 20-25º Celcius

Fruit Size: 3 cm              Fruit Weight: 15-20 gm

Colour: Yellow                 Recommended Crop Rotation: 3-4 year


    * Storage Temperature : (8-16) degree celius

    * Depth of Sowing Seeds  - 0.5cm

    * Recomended spacing between two rows of plants is 45 cm.

    * Recomended spacing between two seeds in a plants is 30 cm.

    * Germination Percentage - Min 80%

    Sowing Seasons Sept Oct Nov Dec
    Planting Seasons Oct Nov Dec Jan
    Harvesting Seasons Jan Feb Mar Apr








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