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The Movement

We are engaged in a multifaceted approach that includes various initiatives. Through training and community initiatives, we empower individuals with essential skills and foster a sense of unity. Our cooperative farming endeavours promote collaborative cultivation methods for mutual benefit. Agro-tourism and farm stays not only offer unique experiences but also generate awareness about sustainable agriculture. By engaging with governmental bodies and advocating for policy changes, we strive to create a more supportive environment for the agricultural sector, paving the way for positive transformations in our industry and society.


Training and Community Building

Since 2008, training and community building is one of the most important components at Pabhoi Greens. We aim to disseminate the knowledge and practices of organic farming and seed saving through the farming community and the wider society. We use a bottom-up approach based on the farmer’s needs. 

Our training workshops include:

a) seed conservation, production and breeding,

b) training on fishery and fish breeding,

c) organic farming, crop rotation, production of Vedic formulas and biofertilizers.

We work in partnership with women's groups from Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. They are now trained especially on seeds and post-harvesting to ensure that they can conserve and produce seeds.

We host university students as interns on the farm, and train school children in organic farming and environmental education. In total, we have trained about 8000 like-minded people over the last 4 years, including NGO officials.  

Cooperative Farming

One of our main goals is to have good networks and cooperatives among organic farmers in the entire northeastern region of India, in order to learn, support and sustain each other. Thus, we started our state’s first-ever organic cooperative with 31 like-minded farmers. Further, women self-help groups were created in both Nagaland and Arunachal for organic farming and seed production.  


Agro-Tourism and Farm Stay

The farm has started the first organic farm stay in the region. Visitors can fish, farm and cook their own food. Eco-friendly bamboo and mud houses were built in early 2020.


The farm is surrounded by Lush Tea gardens, which are more than 100 years old and are a major attraction of tea tourism. Biswanath Ghat, where the Mighty Brahmaputra runs is 16 Kms away, where freshwater river dolphins can be seen. The Kaziranga National Park is 2.5 hours away and Nameri National Park and Pakke Tiger Reserve are both 1 hour away from Pabhoi Greens.

Pabhoi is 70 kms away from Tezpur airport and 280 kms away from Guwahati airport. The nearest Railway station is Viswanath Chariali which is 5 kms away from the farm. Regular buses, both day and night, pass from the District Headquarter, Biswanath, which is 9kms away from the farm.

Government Liaisoning and Policy Change

We actively work with the Assam Department of Horticulture and organic FPOs/FPCs on promoting organic farming across different districts of Assam.

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