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French Bean - Tribeni

French Bean - Tribeni

SKU: FA 01

Mix of three tasty bush bean proven for outdoor cultivation. The pods are green elow and blue. Particularly suitable for winter season.

Required Temperature: 20-25º Celcius

Pode Length: 14-18 cm


    * Storage Temperature : (8-16) degree celius

    * Temperature Required (Germination) : Medium

    * Nutrient Requirements : Medium 

    * Depth of Sowing Seeds  - 1 cm

    * Recomended spacing between two rows of seeds is 60cm.

    * Recomended spacing between two seeds in a row is 45cm.

    * Recomended Crop Rotation : 4 Years

    * Germination Percentage - Min 80%


    Sowing Seasons Sept Oct Nov Dec  
    Planting Seasons          
    Harvesting Seasons Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar




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