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SKU: CH 02

Red hot cherry pepper. It is considered one of the hottest chillies. Has medical properties and is used for making pickle, paste, powder, and dry chilli. Sandy loam soil is ideal for this plant.

Required Temperature: 20-25º Celcius

Fruit Size: 2-3 cmFruit Size: 2-3 cm


    * Storage Temperature : (8-16) degree celius

    * Depth of Sowing Seeds  - 0.5cm

    * Recomended spacing between two rows of plants is 60 cm.

    * Recomended spacing between two plants in a row is 45 cm.

    * Germination Percentage - Min 80%


    Sowing Seasons Sept Oct Nov Dec  
    Planting Seaons Oct Nov Dec Jan  
    Harvesting Seasons Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr






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